Covid Secure

SignPost Communications is an external training provider, delivering BSL courses across multiple locations to a large and diverse number of students. In these very uncertain times, we are doing everything we can to offer staff and students the highest levels of safety and reassurance, whilst continuing to follow the latest guidelines regarding social distancing.

Class sizes: We are reducing the number of students enrolled in each class

Seating plan: We are providing individual desks for each student, the same level of access to classroom activities, but appropriate social distancing too

Hygiene: We are ensuring that suitable hand washing facilities are always available, and that hand sanitiser is provided in each classroom

Sanitising: The frequency of cleaning has been increased at all our venues, and hard surfaces are being regularly sanitised in between classes

Ventilation: Wherever safe to do so, doors and windows are being left open to facilitate improved airflow and ventilation

Information: Additional signage is being clearly displayed in every building, reminding staff and students about the importance of social distancing

Record keeping: We are maintaining our normal registers of attendance, to comply with track and trace requirements should this become necessary

Refreshments: To avoid congestion in communal areas during breaktimes, we are encouraging students to bring their own refreshments to class

Assessments: We are conducting ‘in person’ assessments using live video feeds across two adjoining rooms, to maintain social distancing